Památník Leoše Janáčka On l3th July, 1881, Janáček married Zdeňka Schulzová, daughter of the director of the Pedagogical Institute in Brno. At first the young couple lived in Měšťanská (now Křížová) Street in the Old Town of Brno. After the birth of their daughter Olga on l5th August, 1882 they lived in Klášterní (now Mendlovo) Square, at no. 2. It was here that the first opera "Šárka", "The Beginning of a Romance", the Amarus Cantata and the choral works inspired by the poetry of Petr Bezruč took shape. ... all text

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Monogramist T. D: RePartitures
The exhibition presents one of the eminent Slovak plastic artists, the Monogramist T.D. Since the beginning of his creation he inclines to conceptual expression. For the exhibition in Leoš Janáček Memorial we have selected the "musical" part of his work. It is a cycle of 27 scores created in the 1970s. The author approached the classical stave in a totally loose conceptual way, ranging from spot systems through notions to visual metaphors.
From June 10, 2011 to September 9, 2011


The recently renovated "Janáček's House" shows the original spacial disposition. In the sitting room the visitor can see the exhibition on the masterpieces composed just there containing the facsimiles of the autographs of the compositions, their first printed versions as well as objects of the composer's everyday use. In the study, the original furniture is conserved including the piano. In the modern audio-visual hall, the visitor can watch several movies on the composer and his work and listen to Janáček's compositions.

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