Koblizna street 1,
659 37, Brno
phone: +420 5 42422361,
e-mail: etnografie@mzm.cz

Head of the department:
  • PhDr. Hana Dvorakova - toys, folk religiousness, film, Centre of Folk Art Production, e-mail: hdvorakova@mzm.cz
Staff members
  • PhDr. Helena Berankova - curator of the collection of photographs and graphics, e-mail: hberankova@mzm.cz
  • PhDr. Alena Kalinova - folk art, (pottery, glass, paintings on glass), e-mail: akalinova@mzm.cz
  • PhDr. Lenka Novakova - folk textile, e-mail: lnovakova@mzm.cz
  • PhDr. Jaroslava Pechova - crafts and production, agriculture, jpechova@mzm.cz
  • PhDr. Eva Vecerkova, CSc. - furniture, customs and traditions (esp. Easter eggs), old prints, evecerkova@mzm.cz
  • Silvie Dolezelova - documentarist, e-mail: sdolezelova@mzm.cz
  • Pavel Jiránek - conservator, e-mail: pjiranek@mzm.cz
  • Libuse Dufkova - conservator (textile), e-mail: ldufkova@mzm.cz
  • Jana Sixtova - librarian, e-mail: jsixtova@mzm.cz
  • Vaclav Hencl - conservator, furniture, agriculture, workplace Jevisovice
  • Jiri Machacek - castellan, +420 542 422 367, e-mail: jmachacek@mzm.cz


  • Focus on traditional culture in Moravia from the 18th century to the present.
  • Collections: Textile (folk dress - costumes, interior textile), folk arts and crafts, production, furniture, customs and traditions, musical instruments, toys, photographs, film, graphic art
Research activities:
  • Relating to the curators' specialisation
Permanent activities:
  • Library - open to professionals on week-days
  • Consultancy: according to the curators' specialisation
  • Study facilities: open store-room of folk pottery
  • Lectures at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno on folk religiousness
  • Acta Musei Moraviae - Folia Ethnographica, Team of contributors
Permanent exhibitions:

Temporal exhibitions:

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