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'Akpolat E, Günay I, 2009: Terra incognita in Istanbul, a Byzanthine dwarf from Marmaray project. Anthropologie (Brno) 47, 3: 229-235'.
In the year 2004 the Project has been started in Istanbul, ancient Constantinople. The Project is named the Marmaray Rail Tube Tunnel and Commuter Rail Mass Transit System. The Project provides an upgrading of the commuter rail system in Istanbul, connecting Halkali on the European side with Gebze on the Asian side with an unin the systematic excavations the secret history of the city came out. Mainly, from Archaic terrupted, modern, high-capacity commuter rail system. During Greek to Classical Greek and Hellenistic, Late Roman and Byzantine eras were emerged site by site. All archaeological remains are well-preserved that repeating the history of the city and its peninsula with ancient harbours, ships wrecks and their goods. The Project has very significant importance both archaeological and anthropological data. In the Anatolian side, ancient name Scudari, Üsküdar station excavation the archaeologist reported an apsidal form of a probable monastery. In this apsidal form there have been 80 individuals found out. They are dated Late Romans and Byzantine era. Among these individuals one of the adult female probably 30-35 years old has been observed as a dwarf. The post-cranium of the individual did not have any pathological forms and her extremities were very regular whereas the height of the skeleton was calculated according to Pearson was only 1.39 cm.
Dwarfism - Marmaray Project - Scudari - Chrysopolis - Phagoura - Simeon Theologos - Orthodox Monastery Life - Orthodox Patriach

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