International Journal of Human Diversity and Evolution
Coverage: 1923-1941 (Vols. I-XIX) & 1962-2023 (Vols. 1-61)
ISSN 0323-1119 (Print)
ISSN 2570-9127 (Online)
Journal Impact Factor 0.2
News: Special Issue focused on the paleoethnology / ethnoarchaeology, invited Guest Editor Professor Jiří Svoboda is in preparation.

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 Journal Anthropologie
Early History of the Journal
The journal Anthropologie was founded by Jindřich Matiegka (left picture), who was Professor of Anthropology at Charles University in Prague, on the suggestion of and with financial support from Dr. Aleš Hrdlička (right picture) in 1923. Dr. Matiegka strongly focused on publishing evolutionary topics written by a broad spectrum of scientists from across the world. He especially welcomed interdisciplinary papers from both the natural and social sciences, and had edited 19 volumes by 1941, when Nazi occupiers closed the University.  
Anthropologie - International Journal of Human Diversity and Evolution
The modern version of the Journal, which was resurrected in 1962 with the subtitle 'International Journal of the Science of Man' by an internationally recognised Czech anthropologist, Professor Jan Jelínek, is founded on its long intellectual tradition from before the War, and dedicated to pursuing the same aims. Under Jan Jelínek’s editorship, Anthropologie continued to be a 'four field' journal, publishing articles from all the sub-disciplines of anthropology. The name of the Journal was modified once again in 2013, when it became Anthropologie - International Journal of Human Diversity and Evolution, in order to emphasize both its heritage and broad scope.
List of Editors
1923-1941 (Volumes I-XIX) Jindřich Matiegka and Jiří Malý
1962-1995 (Volumes 1-33) Jan Jelínek
1996-2009 (Volumes 34-47) Marta Dočkalová
2010-2014 (Volumes 48-52) Martina Galetová
Index of papers 1962-2002
Download Index of papers published in 1962-2002 (PDF).
Index of papers 1923-1941
Download Index of papers published in 1923-1941 (PDF).