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'Šebela L, Vojtková L, Vojtek J, 1990: Intestinal Parasites in Man of Old Bronze Age. Anthropologie (Brno) 28, 1: 105-107'.
In a refuse pit discovered at the locality "Nivky" at the land-register territory of the community of Hulín (district Kroměříž, central Moravia) skeletons of 3 persons were found (Fig. 1: 1-4): two skeletons of children (No I and III) and one of an adult man. The find falls into the period of the final stage of the Old Bronze Age, 1,600-1,500 years before our era (B.C.). Samples of earth taken from the pelvic regions of skeletons II and III were examined for the presence of eggs of parasites. In the samples taken from skeleton II no eggs were found. In samples from skeleton III eggs of three species of parasitic Nematoda were found: Trichuris trichiura (Linné, 1771), Ascaris lumbricoides (Linné, 1758) and Ancylostoma duodenale (Dubini, 1843). The eggs are well preserved. (Fig. 2: 1-2).
Moravia - Hulín (distr. Kroměříž) - Old Bronze Age-settlement of the Věteřov group - refuse pit with three skeletons - intestinal parasites

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