International Journal of Human Diversity and Evolution
Coverage: 1923-1941 (Vols. I-XIX) & 1962-2023 (Vols. 1-61)
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Special Issue focused on the paleoethnology / ethnoarchaeology, invited Guest Editor Professor Jiří Svoboda is in preparation.

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'Spennemann DR, 1985: Regional Trends in Handedness as a Result of Environmental and Educational Pressures - The Evidence of Drawn Faces. Anthropologie (Brno) 23, 2: 167-168'.
The analysis of the orientation of two series of drawn human profiles revealed a strong differentitation within the Northern and the Southern German sample. The drawings are determined by the individuals and by educational pressures. The observed results allow to use the orientation of ancient rock art as indicators of prehistoric handedness.
Handedness - Writing habits - Environmental pressures - Education

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