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'Lillie M, 2008: Vedrovice: demography and palaeopathology in an early farming population. Anthropologie (Brno) 46, 2-3: 135-152'.
This paper presents the results of the analysis of eighty-one individuals from the Neolithic cemetery of Vedrovice. Age and sex profiles are calculated in order to allow a discussion of the demographic characteristics of the cemetery population, and palaeopathological analysis of cranial and post-cranial material has facilitated a consideration of population based expression of pathology. In terms of dental pathology, caries incidence is high at Vedrovice, although variability in expression suggests that mixed carbohydrate and protein diets were being consumed to varying degrees, and female, in particular, exhibit patterns of tooth wear indicative of tooth use in processing activities. Overall however, with occasional exceptions, the general palaeopathology and demography at this cemetery is commensurate with earlier Neolithic farming populations elsewhere in Europe.
Neolithic - Palaeoanthropology - Palaeopathology - Palaeodemography - Body stature

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