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'Lukes A, Zvelebil M, Pettitt P, 2008: Biological and cultural identity of the first farmers: introduction to the Vedrovice bioarchaeology project. Anthropologie (Brno) 46, 2-3: 117-124'.
In this volume we present the results of a comprehensive international collaborative research program focused on the human skeletal remains recovered from the Early Neolithic cemetery of Vedrovice, Moravia, Czech Republic. The overall focus of the research program had two key strategic goals. First, to establish a comprehensive holistic bioarchaeological research programme involving a collaborative research team encompassing a diverse range of institutions and specialists in an international setting. Secondly, to generate new knowledge regarding the emergence of the Linear Pottery or Linearbandkeramik (LBK) culture and the transition from hunting-gathering to farming in Central Europe in the broader context of European neolithisation. To achieve these goals the research program incorporated researchers from the Czech Republic, Germany, and the United Kingdom who applied multiple bio-archaeological approaches to the available skeletal material, including AMS radiocarbon dating, palaeopathology studies, dental microwear studies, ancient DNA, chemical trace analyses, as well as material culture studies, in order to illuminate the nature of ancestry, diet, health, migration and cultural diversity in the constitution of the LBK culture at Vedrovice.
Bioarchaeology - Neolithic - Vedrovice - LBK - Cultural transition - Neolithisation - Central Europe

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