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'Macková K, Velemínská J, 2007: Craniometrical Norms for Recent Czech Population Intended for Evaluation of the Cranial Size and Shape Using Lateral X-Ray Films. Anthropologie (Brno) 45, 2-3: 261-274'.
The submitted study is based on craniometrical analysis of control lateral X-ray images of the heads of individuals who belong to healthy Czech population and have neither jaw and teeth shape disharmony nor previous orthodontic therapy. We investigated 52 adult men, 36 women, 27-five-year-old boys and 30 girls. For the measurements of 123 metric traits for each individual the special software Craniometrics was used. The main aim of the study was to set up recent Czech craniometrical norms useful as comparative data in historical, osteological and paleoanthropological research. Standards were developed, characterizing cranial size and shape and positional parameters regarding to the intactness of leading structures on the historical material. For this reason, characteristics including the Articulare point, the Orbitale point and the Frankfurt horizontal, were newly involved. Developmental and growth changes in the postnatal period were evaluated, as well as sexual dimorphism. Almost all linear characteristics involved in the study show significant intersexual differences in adulthood, with higher values in the male group. On the contrary, angular values do not show any strong sexual dimorphism. In children, more intersexual differences were proved in angular characteristics than in linear dimensions.
Recent osteological craniometrical norms - Lateral X-ray film - Sexual dimorphism - Growth and development

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