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'Svoboda J, 1983: Raw Material Sources in Early Upper Paleolithic Moravia: The Concept of Lithic Exploitation Areas. Anthropologie (Brno) 21, 2: 147-158'.
Lithic exploitation area is defined as a geographical region in the vicinity of several km from localized raw material source, or in places of concentration of non-localized raw materials, where usually numerous stone industries made prevailingly of local materials occure. Four such territories in Moravia, occupied during the Early Upper Paleolithic (EUP) period, are studied and compared from the points of view of settlement pattern, raw material economy, technology and typology. Each of the areas has at least one large main site and a structure of several smaller sites. In two of the areas (Ondratice, Stránská skála) the technology is based on the prepared flat core technique, and on the evolved Upper Paleolithic technique, while in the other two (Bořitov, Krumlov areas) the blade production from less prepared prismatic cores is more frequent. The extensively worked material from Ondratice allows detailed technological reconstructions, while the localized Stránská skála source is important for studies of intentional raw material distribution. Leaf-points are present in all four exploitation areas, Jerzmanowice-points occure in two of the main sites only and the Aurignacian elements are distributed in the main sites and in some of the smaller sites. Analogy to the stratified site of Bohunice and data from neighbouring countries allow to date the EUP settlement into the periods around the first Würmian Pleniglacial maximum (industries of the Bohunice-type), and especially into the following Interpleniglacial (Jerzmanowician elements, Aurignacian).
Lithic exploitation area - Lithic distribution area - Early Upper Paleolithic - Moravia

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