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'Svoboda J, Růžičková E, Opravil E, 1983: Mesolithic Dwelling Structures in the Rockshelter Heřmánky I, North Bohemia. Anthropologie (Brno) 21, 2: 159-168'.
During the earlier Holocene phases, several evolutionary trends can be observed, leading to more intensive exploitation of restricted regions and to a more effective adaptation to their environment. Studies of the Mesolithic settlement in the Polomené Mts., North Bohemia (Svoboda, 1977 and 1979) are based on comparison between two ecologically different regions: a rocky highland with numerous sandstone canyons and rockshelters, and a depression with open-air sites, perhaps filled with ancient lakes. In the Heřmánky I rockshelter, traces of two habitation structures were found. The raw materials and the technological patterns of the stone industry suggest relations to the sites of the depression, but slight variations, caused by certain activity differences, may be traced.
Dwelling structures - Mesolithic - Bohemia - Rockshelter

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