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'Thurzo M, 1981: Ein Skelettfund aus der Völkerwanderungszeit in Bratislava-Vajnory. Anthropologie (Brno) 19, 2: 135-142'.
A Skeletal Find from the Period of the Great Migration in Bratislava-Vajnory. In October 1979 an inhumation burial was uncovered in Bratislava-Yajnory, at Prepoštské site. Accord¬ing to the grave goods the inhumation was carried out during the Great Migration Period, probably in 5th century A.D. The grave contained one damaged middle robust cranium and a robust postcranial skeleton of a man of a medium-high stature, who died in advanced young adult age (30—40 years). The main characte¬ristics of the skeleton are as follows: Cranium: dolichocranic, orthocranic, metriocranic, aristencephalic (Lee-Pearson's method); double assymetrical Inca-bone, squamoso-mastoideal suture on the right. Postcranial ske¬leton: spondylotic changes in the third cervical vertebra, Schmorl´s nodes in the thoracic vertebrae, arthritic change of the sternal epiphysis of the right clavicle; platymeric tigh bones with strong pilaster, curycnemic tibiae. The conspicuously fragmentary condition of the skeleton as well as the. traces of cutting in the tigh bones indicate the intentional disarranging of the skeleton caused by ritual intervention or grave plundering.

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