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'Tkachenko VI, 1989: The Beregovo Group of Upper Palaeolithic Sites in Transcarpathia. Anthropologie (Brno) 27, 2-3: 213-222'.
The Upper Palaeolithic in Soviet Transcarpathia is known thanks to two investigators - to Tivadar Lehoczky and to the Czech archaeologist Josef Skutil. Especially significant is the information by J. Skutil, describing the Upper Palaeolithic site on Malaya gora, below the town of Beregovo (Beregovo I). Since Transcarpathia belongs to Soviet Ukraine, Soviet prehistorians paid naturally great attention to the research carried out by J. Skutil in Beregovo. Their research realized in Malaya gora or Beregovo I and in the vicinity of Beregovo, has resulted in the discovery of new Upper Palaeolithic sites in eastern central Europe. With the discovery of early Upper Palaeolithic in Korolevo the Beregovo group of Upper Palaeolithic finds has acquired special significance: it was important to compare Beregovo sites with the sites in Korolevo, both from the stratigraphic and technical-typological viewpoints. This paper is an attempt at such a comparison.
USSR - Transcarpathia - Beregovo - Upper Palaeolithic - Stratigraphy - Typology

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