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'Meishvili NV, Chalyan VG, Butovskaya ML, 2003: Postconflict Reconciliation and Interactions with the Third Individuals in Anubis Baboons. Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 1-2: 35-39'.
A study of post-conflict behaviour of aggressor and victim was performed in a group of Anubis baboons at the Institute of Medical Primatology. The following three aims have been set: 1) the analysis of post-conflict interactions between the aggressor and victim; 2) the analysis of post-conflict interactions of aggressor and victim with the third individuals; 3) the analysis of post-conflict interactions of any third individual with an aggressor or a victim. The mean conciliatory tendency evaluated according to Veneema et al. (1994) was 27.3+2.4 (n=47). The value of conciliatory tendency varied in different classes of conflicting dyads from 23.8 (male/female) to 27.9 (female/female). In most cases the reconciliation took place during the first two minutes after the termination of a conflict. In the class male/male the affiliation of former opponent males with other (third) animals occurred in the post-conflict observations approximately with the same frequency as during the matched-control period. Nevertheless, it was established that during the post-conflict period the males preferred to affiliate mostly with other males or to join to infants. The index of affiliation of opponent males with the third party - other males, was significantly higher than that of affiliation of males with females. It was established that in the class female/female the index of affiliation of aggressors with any third animal was higher than that of victims; it is an evidence of a stronger motivation of females-aggressors to affiliate with third party during the post-conflict period. Females-aggressors preferred to join to other females, and females-victims picked out the males for consolation and support. Only the males actively performed a role of comforters of participants of conflicts; as a third party the males affiliated with the females-victims.
Anubis baboons - Reconciliation - Affiliation - Consolation

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