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'Vančata V, Přívratský V, 1983: Natural Selection in the Evolution of Hominids and its Relation with the Factors of the Hominization Process. Anthropologie (Brno) 21, 1: 53-56'.
The relation between natural selection and the defined internal factors of the hominization process is discussed. The authors stress that the concept of the complex of factors as well as the role of natural selection in the human evolution is necessary to develop not on the basis of the clasical concept of an ecosystem but on that of a monotop. Very diverse but relatively stable environmental conditions are presumed, in time interval covering hominid evolution. In the concrete realization of qualitative changes and their fixing the natural selection plays a fundamental role by selecting an individual with a concrete type of properties. One is not able to assess the significance of this effect on the structures, which were fundamental for the action of natural selection, and were changing during development of hominid line up to contemporary man.
Internal basic factor of hominization - Protoadaptation - Monotyp - Active component of adaptation - Natural selection - Plio-Pleistocene hominids - Punctuated equilibrium

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