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'Vančatová MA, Vančata V, Čaljan VG, 1986: Some Aspects of Reproduction and Sexual Behaviour in Genus Macaca. Anthropologie (Brno) 24, 2-3: 261-265'.
Reproductive characters, natality, seasonally and sexual behaviour of the genus Macaca are examined on the basis of five years of studies of behaviour and biology of Macaca, M. mulatta, M. fascicularis and M. nemestrina in the Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy of the Medical Academy of Sciences in Sukhumi, USSR. No clear-cut birth rate season was recorded in the species under study, as compared with populations living in the wild, in M. mulatta and M. fascicularis, however, marked peaks of natality, appear in spring and summer respectively. Neonate mortality increases during winter month. A long-term study has shown several important differences in sexual behaviour or its elements between Macaca arctoides and other species of the examined genus. Sexual behaviour of all examined species has proved to be closely connected with other types of behavoiur especially with social behaviour. Differences and similarities in reproductive parameters and sexual behavoiur among individual species are correlated with both the character of reproductive organs in the individual species and the quality of environment.
Genus Macaca - Reproductive characters - Natality - Sexual behaviour

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