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'Munzarová A, 2003: Classification of Flexion Creases on Palms of Apes in Dependence of Locomotion Type. Anthropologie (Brno) 41, 1-2: 41-47'.
This paper studied the relationship between the course of flexion creases and different locomotion types, i.e, true brachiation (Hylobates sp.), modified brachiation (Pongo pygmaeus) and knuckle-walking (Pan troglodytes, P. paniscus) based on palm prints and photos of apes. The author created a new terminology and classification of primary flexion creases, based on human flexion creases' classification and distribution of volar pads of primates. The new classification distinguishes 3 groups of primary flexion creases, i.e., transversal, longitudinal and oblique groups. According to morphological analysis of palm prints and photos of apes, the variability in coursing and number of the transversal flexion creases correlate to different locomotion types of apes.
Apes - Gibbons - Orangutans - Chimpanzees - Hands - Palms - Flexion creases - Locomotion type

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