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'Nerudová Z, 2011: Analysis of bifacial artefacts from the Palaeolithic site of Trboušany IIb (South Moravia, Czech Republic). Anthropologie (Brno) 49, 1: 59-78'.
A collection of pointed bifacial tools from the Palaeolithic site, Trboušany IIb, was studied using statistical analysis. Based on analysis of their morphology, technology, and other metrical aspects, they were compared to several other assemblages. The aim was to find out whether the analyses could be used to specify the chronostratigraphical position of lithic artefacts collected at the surface. In this particular case it turned out that bifacial tools were knapped in the same way at both the site of Moravský Krumlov IV and at Vedrovice V. Based on radiometric dates, both of the above-mentioned assemblages may be from a similar chronostratigraphical position, and in the context of lithic technology they are associated with the horizon referred to as the Upper Micoquian. This horizon, which overlaps in Moravian chronologically with the Lower Szeletian, is also associated with the collection from Trboušany IIb.
Palaeolithic - Bifacial tools - Knapping - Factor analysis - Czech Republic

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