International Journal of Human Diversity and Evolution
Coverage: 1923-1941 (Vols. I-XIX) & 1962-2019 (Vols. 1-57)
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Special Issue dedicated to the memory of Doc. Slavomil Vencl is in preparation.
World Archaeological Congres 9

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'Svoboda J, Hladilová Š, Ivanov M, Sázelová S, 2011: Mladeč is not a dead site. Supplementary evidence from the 2009-2011 survey. Anthropologie (Brno) 49, 2: 109-115'.
Mladeč Caves is a complex cave system that includes two key palaeoanthropological findspots of Early Upper Palaeolithic age - Mladeč Ib, Mladeč II, and probably also site Ia, discovered during the 19th and early 20th century. The dynamics of sediment deposition and transport inside the system is still being debated. Here we contribute new field observations from three peripheral locations within the cave system demonstrating various earlier and later cases of redeposition of Pleistocene and Holocene sediments, together with faunal remains, inside vertical fissures or chimneys. Human activity is only evidenced indirectly at these new sites, as probable manipulation with Helix shells or as burning of animal bones.
Mladeč Caves - Malacozoology - Vertebrate palaeontology - Pleistocene - Holocene

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