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'Pivoňková V, 2012: Anthroposcopy as an additional tool for the assessment of facial masculinity/femininity. Anthropologie (Brno) 50, 1: 9-24'.
In previous studies, the masculinity/femininity of faces has been assessed in several ways: by way of subjective ratings of facial photographs using a feminine/masculine Likert scale, by photogrammetric methods, or by anthropometric measurement. All these methods have in common that they are strictly quantitative and describe morphological shape by numerical assessment. They have other methodological limitations as well. We therefore propose using the anthroposcopic method as an additional tool for the assessment of facial masculinity/femininity. This method can be used either for the qualitative description of the facial morphology of individual faces or for quantitative descriptions of intra-population variability in facial morphology. The first aim of the present article is to introduce the method of anthroposcopy and compare the results it produces with those obtained by masculinity-femininity ratings and anthropometric measurement. Our results indicate that the anthroposcopic method is a more sensitive technique of femininity-masculinity assessment in investigations of the development of male-female morphological traits than masculinity-femininity ratings are. The second aim is to present a set of comparative images that illustrate the variability of masculine/feminine facial features among male and female university students in the Czech population. We documented these anthroposcopic traits through a series of illustrations of 10 specifically masculine and 16 specifically feminine facial traits based on photographs depicting 10 particularly pronounced masculine and 16 particularly pronounced feminine facial traits that reflect the actual morphological variability within the Czech population of European origin.
Face - Morphology - Masculinity - Femininity - Anthroposcopy

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