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'Jelínek J, 2012: Rembrranga ethnographical notes. Anthropologie (Brno) 50, 2: 227-248'.
During archaeological research and documentation of the cave paintings on the upper reaches of the Cadell River (Northern Australia), the Czechoslovak Anthropos Expedition to Arnhem Land came into contact with a group of Aborigines under the leadership of an old man Mandarrg. The band was one of the last groups permanently living in the bush. Although they had contact with Aborigines living on government or mission stations, they still maintained a perfect knowledge of all original techniques and traditions. During a short stay with them, when the men led by Mandarrg, built themselves a hut near the expedition camp, I took notice of a number of things, particularly of a technological nature - the building of the hut, the preparation of food, manufacture of stone implements, bark painting, rock painting, making and throwing of spears, hunting with dogs and their relationship to the dogs. This article is a reprint of a previously published article (Jelínek J., 1979: Anthropologie (Brno) 17, 2-3: 307-323).
Rembrranga - Cadell River - Arnhem Land - Mandarrg - Rock painting - Hut - Stone manufacture - Spear - Woomera

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