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'Nemergut A, Cheben M, Gregor M, 2012: Lithic raw material use at the Palaeolithic site of Moravany nad Váhom-Dlhá. Anthropologie (Brno) 50, 4: 379-390'.
The study of raw material distribution is a very important tool for understanding the economy and mobility of Palaeolithic hunters and gatherers. The aim is to determine the raw material used in production of the lithic industry from the Szeletian site in Moravany nad Váhom-Dlhá, and to create a distribution model of the raw materials. A total of 9821 artefacts from L. Zotz's and J. Bárta's excavations were analysed. All stone artefacts described petrographically were studied technologically. These artefacts were mainly produced from local radiolarite (90%), with less from local quartz, chert, siliceous sandstones, siliceous siltstones and quartz arenite, and supplemened by regional limnosilicite and chalcedony. The raw material spectrum is enlarged by isolated implements from exotic obsidian and felsitic metarhyolite.
Szeletian - Lithic raw materials - Model of distribution, Moravany nad Váhom-Dlhá site - Slovak Republic

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