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'Béreiziat G, 2012: Raw material exploitation strategies from Oldest Dryas to the end of Bølling in the Southern French Jura: Indicators for a differential behaviour?. Anthropologie (Brno) 50, 4: 443-461'.
Scene of an intensive occupation at the end of the last glaciation, the Southern Jura has numerous testimonies of the passage of the last hunter-gatherers. For a long time approached under a restrictive vision, this region has been, in the last ten years, the subject of a new research dynamic putting in light the techno-economical behaviour from Oldest Dryas to the end of Bølling. The use of raw materials and the sourcing strategies are very good indicators of behavioural differences. A two-pronged approach combining geological and archaeological data shows that, within a stable set of norms according to the common Magdalenian culture, the evolution of sourcing modalities and the reconstruction of itineraries contribute to discuss the variability of cultural patterns and to put into perspective the supposed homogeneity of populations in the Southern Jura. These different expressions are considered as linked to the specific regional context of a territory sheltered by major rivers and by mountainous areas in the East, where the corridor of Rhône, Saône, and Rhine represents a major communication route in Europe.
Southern French Jura - Middle Magdalenian - Upper Magdalenian - Final Magdalenian - Early Azilian - Raw material procurement - Lithic industries

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