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'Bielińska-Majewska B, 2012: Research report: Some comments on Late Palaeolithic lithic raw material economy in the Toruń Basin - based on selected sites. Anthropologie (Brno) 50, 4: 475-488'.
This paper presents some comments on the raw material economy in the Toruñ Basin in Poland. On the example of selected sites it gives an overview of issues related to the acquisition of raw material needed for production of the most important flint tools in Late Palaeolithic. The vast majority of the analysed artefacts relates to settlements of the technocomplex with tanged points, for most part linked to Swiderian culture, although there are also individual artefacts typical for Ahrensburgian and Bromme cultures. The presence of individual tools specific to the technocomplex with backed blades was also noted in the area. The article is based mainly on selected flint materials stored in District Museums in Toruñ and Bydgoszcz. The analysis confirmed that the raw material in use is a component linking all the discussed sites of the Toruń Basin. Individual artefacts thought differ among themselves in shade and colours, are all made of the same type of Baltic erratic flint (with the exception of few tools made of imported raw materials such as e.g., chocolate flint or radiolarite). Due to the fact that the article is meant to signal the presence of numerous Late Palaeolithic settlements in the Toruń Basin, it takes into account also archival sites of older discoveries. These are briefly presented, with history of their exploration as well as references from research in later years. Rich archaeological collections from the vicinity of Toruń and Bydgoszcz are an important source of data for the possibilities of research on raw material economy and Late Palaeolithic cultures of this region of Poland.
Late Palaeolithic -Toruń Basin - Swiderian culture - Raw materials

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