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'Valoch K, 2013: An engraved female figure from Býčí skála Cave in Moravia. Anthropologie (Brno) 51, 1: 29-31'.
From the Moravian Magdalenian so far three anthropomorphic depictions are known; ivory-carved figurine from Pekárna Cave, stick-like stylised female figurine with indicated breasts from Rytířská Cave, and engraving of a anthropomorphic face on a schist pebble from Byčí skála Cave. In the re-analysis if engraved schist pebbles from the Moravian Magdalenian, we found a specimen with an engraved tangle of straight and curved lines, in which two miniature female figures can be recognised. A complete figure can be seen at the right margin of the engraving, with its front part turned right. In the lower part it is intersected by a second typically curved line, which, however, lacks the anterior part. It is very unlikely that we will identify the meaning of these engravings and the relationship between the figural motifs and the linear scribble around them. It is, however, possible that they were engraved to form meaningful compositions based on customs and rites of that time. This article is a reprint of a previously published article (Valoch K., 1978: Anthropologie (Brno) 16, 1: 31-33).
Anthropomorphic depictions - Engravings - Magdalenian - Moravia

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