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'Valoch K, 2013: Mesolithic worked stone implements from Smolín (Moravia). Anthropologie (Brno) 51, 1: 21-28'.
In this article, worn artefacts of various rock types from the excavation of a Mesolithic settlement at Smolín (1959-1960) are described. According to use wear or overall design we can distinguish several types of artefacts: retouchers, whetstones, "percussors", "millstones", discoid artefacts, worked slate slab, and polished stone. The attempt of a functional interpretation of all these artefacts is problematic since they were evidently used for multiple different purposes. All these stone artefacts are of high importance for knowledge about the Mesolithic because unlike chipped stone industry they represent other aspects of an economic activity about which we still know only very little. This article is a reprint of a previously published article (Valoch K., 1977: Anthropologie (Brno) 15, 2-3: 107-109).
Worn artefacts - Retouchers - Whetstones - "Percussors" - "Millstones" - Worked slate slab - Mesolithic

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