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'Valoch K, 2013: Ornamental engravings and decorative objects from Předmostí near Přerov in Moravia. Anthropologie (Brno) 51, 1: 3-19'.
The Palaeolithic camp site of Předmostí near Přerov (Central Moravia) is, thanks to its unique pieces of Palaeolithic art, bone tools and large quantities of lithics, one of the most important Palaeolithic sites in Europe. Until now, the two most important objects of art, a strongly stylised female figure engraved on a mammoth tusk and an ivorycarved mammoth sculpture, have been pictured in most books on Palaeolithic art, but the total number of objects of artistic production remains unknown. Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic images from Předmostí have been summarised in the preceding article (Valoch K., 1969: IPEK 22, 1966/69: 1-6). In this paper, we provide an overview of nonfigurative engravings and personal ornaments. This article is a reprint of a previously published article (Valoch K., 1975: Anthropologie (Brno) 13, 1-2: 81-91).
Předmostí - Palaeolithic art - Personal ornaments - Engravings - Pavlovian

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