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'Krekovič E, Bača M, 2013: Marxism, communism and Czechoslovak archaeology. Anthropologie (Brno) 51, 2: 261-270'.
The 1948 political situation radically changed the former Czechoslovakia. For decades the Communist regime has been influencing political, social and ideological progress. The new ideology was supposed to be strongly reflected in social sciences including archaeology. This is why we are dealing with the influence of Marxist ideology in the subject of archaeology in Czechoslovakia between the years 1948 and 1989. We can state that this influence was slightly different in intensity before and after 1968. The application of Marxism has in most cases been strictly ideological and often tendentiously applied. However, its assertion was never applied in broader aspect. Although we notice few genuine efforts for scientific conception of Marxist archaeology in the sense of historical materialism, it is clear that in our environment, it was never destined to be able to cross the dogmatic barriers. Marxism in Czechoslovakia was not evolving and it never reached the high level of Marxist methodology in Western Europe.
Marxism - Czechoslovakia - Ideology - Historical materialism - Communism

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