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'Miloglav I, 2013: A model of ceramic production, specialization and standardization of ceramic assemblages on the basis of two sites of the Vučedol culture in eastern Croatia. Anthropologie (Brno) 51, 2: 195-211'.
The paper presents an overview of the results of the standardization of ceramic material and the parameters by which the specialization and organization of production, placed within the socio-economic framework of a particular community, can be confirmed. The conditioning of the standardization, as well as various societal needs leading to the organization of production, is viewed in the wider context of the functioning of the Vučedol community at the very end of the Eneolithic and it includes organization of the settlement as well as socio-economic processes. Various definitions and interpretations of specialization, together with many ways of reconstructing organized production, make up the theoretical framework regarding the choice of methodology. The established Standardization Hypothesis states that "more uniformity is due to a higher rate of production". On the basis of this hypothesis, by using the coefficient of variation, ceramic assemblages from two sites of the Vuèedol culture in eastern Croatia were tested. The results have shown a certain level of standardization in a certain type of vessel, which was most commonly used in everyday life. These results are corroborated by the results of mineralogical-petrographical analyses and X-Ray Diffraction method as well as by the typology of ceramic vessels itself. Based on the results, the proposed model of ceramic production within Vučedol society is defined. It assumes organization at the level of household industry and it relates to production that is still taking place within the household, but most of which is oriented towards needs existing outside the household, i.e., to trade and exchange beyond household consumption.
Vučedol culture - Organization of production - Standardization - Specialization

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