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'Paliienko S, 2013: The culture-historical division of the Central European Upper Paleolithic in Soviet archeology. Anthropologie (Brno) 51, 2: 271-283'.
Studying the historiography of East European Upper Paleolithic culture-historical subdivisions, I described the features of the Soviet Paleolithic School and made periodization of the history of archeological thought in this field. But we need a common topic of scientific interest for comparing Paleolithic archeology development on both sides of the "iron curtain". The Upper Paleolithic of Central Europe was studied by both Soviet and Western archeologists. In this article I will overview approaches of Soviet specialists to the subdivision of the Central European Upper Paleolithic from the 1930s till the beginning of 1990s. Two topics related to the Upper Paleolithic of Central Europe were actively developed in Soviet archeology, namely: the Upper Paleolithic of Central Europe in the context of the Willendorf-Kostenki Culture and the Transcarpathian Upper Paleolithic. In the 1930-50s Central European sites were studied in regard to regularities of development of the Paleolithic society viewed through the prism of progress in stone tool techniques. They were included into general schemes of European Paleolithic by P. P. Efimenko and compared with Kostenki sites by P. Boriskovskii according to the so-called Stadial paradigm. In the 1960s, G. Grigor'ev recognized archeological cultures in Central Europe as related to Kostenki Upper Paleolithic. Specialists from the Academy of Science of UkrSSR studied Transcarpathian Upper Paleolithic during the second half of the 1960-1980s.
Upper Paleolithic - Central Europe - Soviet archeology - Methodology - Historiography

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