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News: Special Issue focused on the paleoethnology / ethnoarchaeology, invited Guest Editor Professor Jiří Svoboda is in preparation.

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'Vargová L, Horáčková L, Vymazalová K, Svoboda J, 2013: Palaeopathological analysis of skeletons from the 16th and 17th centuries (Veselí nad Moravou, Czech Republic). Anthropologie (Brno) 51, 3: 397-408'.
This study includes both an anthropological analysis and a detailed description of palaeopathological cases found during rescue archaeological excavations in Veselí nad Moravou (Czech Republic). Seventy graves dating from the 16th and the first half of 17th century with the skeletal remains of 185 individuals were discovered. Out of the 98 adult skeletons, 50 skeletons were male, 40 were female and the sex could not be determined in eight cases. Articular affections occurred most frequently in the examined set, followed by traumas including trepanation, metabolic and blood diseases. Cases of bone tuberculosis and tertiary stage syphilis occurred as specific inflammations. Of all possible types of tumours only benign tumours were found. The cases described supplement the series of palaeopathological findings from the Early Modern Period in the Czech territory and provide comparative material for further osteological studies.
Palaeopathology - Bone remains - Trepanation - Trauma - Articular diseases

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