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'Galeta P, Brůžek J, 2014: Neolithic transition in Europe: the challenge for bioarchaeology. Anthropologie (Brno) 52, 1: 3-13'.
The adoption of farming practices is one of the major transformation processes in the human history. The knowledge of the transition from hunting and gathering to farming has increased considerably with contributions from a wide variety of natural sciences. As a result, the study of farming spread and its consequences in Europe has shifted from the domain of archaeology to the domain of bioarchaeology. This Special Issue of the journal Anthropologie entitled Bioarchaeology of European Neolithic Populations documented the diversity of bioarchaeological approaches to the study of Neolithic transition. A total number of ten contributions is divided into two volumes (Issue 1 and 2). Articles concerned with a variety of topics and methods including mobility and diet reconstruction in Neolithic via stable isotope analyses and analyses of external auditory exostoses; an osteobiographic analysis of one individual using osteological, chemical, and genetic techniques; health transition based on the analysis of skeletal stress indicators; phenotypic and genetic variability on intracemetery and interregional level via biodistance analysis; analysis of funerary practices and social organisation based on osteological analysis of skeletal remains; and techno- and typological comparison of personal ornaments used in Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic communities. We argue that the bioarchaeological approach presented in contributions of this Special Issue provide important insights into the transition from foraging to farming and provide independent evidence to the mechanism of transition on biological and social levels.
Bioarchaeology - Neolithic transition - Europe - Farmers - Hunter-gatherers - Interdisciplinary research

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