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'Cunha E, Umbelino C, 2001: Mesolithic People from Portugal: An Approach to Sado Osteological Series. Anthropologie (Brno) 39, 2-3: 125-132'.
The paper deals with a first anthropological approach to an important Portuguese Mesolithic osteological series. It concerns the human skeletal remains exhumed from several shell middens of Sado River, south Portugal. From a total of 11 shell middens, 6 provided human skeletal remains. Three of these, namely, Arapouco, Amoreiras and Poças de S. Bento, are here analysed. In all, it is an assemblage of 53 individuals, approximately half of the whole osteological sample, dated from around 7,200 BP. Whenever possible, inhumation positions are presented, sexual distribution and age profile are given. Morphological aspects are discussed as well as the most relevant pathological cases. The value of this sample for the understanding of the Mesolithic way of life is undeniable, turning genuine the expectations about the palaeobiological results of the whole series.
Portuguese Mesolithic - Sado - Anthropological analysis - Skeletal remains

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