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'Marcsik A, Hegyi A, Szathmáry L, Guba Z, Finnegan M, 2001: Serious Pathological Lesions in a Small Osteoarchaeological Sample from 8th-9th Centuries in Hungary. Anthropologie (Brno) 39, 1: 39-43'.
A skeletal sample excavated in Nyíregyháza-Manda bush (East Hungary), housed in the collection of the Józsa András Museum (Nyíregyháza) and dated to the 8th-9th centuries served as source for the study of palaeopathological lesions. The demographic profile of this sample of 42 skeletons represents 22 adult males, 14 adult females, 2 juveniles and 4 infants. In spite of the small sample, many individuals suffered lesions of bones and teeth, mostly degenerative osteoarthritis, non-specific infections, fractures, porotic hyperostosis, congenital anomalies, and carious lesions or enamel hypoplasia. Three specimens were especially pathological and very special for diffuse idiopathic hyperostosis, spinal tuberculosis and metastatic carcinoma. The purpose of the present study is to add these special cases to the paleopathological literature emphasizing their differential diagnosis.
Osteoarchaeological sample - Diffuse idiopathic hyperostosis - Spinal tuberculosis - Metastatic carcinoma

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