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'Piontek J, Segeda S, Jerszyńska B, 2001: Cribra orbitalia in Medieval Populations from Ukraine. Anthropologie (Brno) 39, 2-3: 173-179'.
The purpose of this work is to describe the frequency of cribra orbitalia on the skulls found in five medieval burial grounds discovered on the right and left banks of the Dnieper river (Ukraine). The examination covered 183 adult individuals' skulls (97 male and 86 female ones). The material was collected at the burial grounds dated to the 10th through 12th centuries. The degree of cribra orbitalia manifestation was evaluated according to Hengen scale (1971) and according to Nathan & Haas scale (1966) as modified by Robledo et al. (1995). The presence of cribra orbitalia was studied taking into account an individual's sex, age at death and side of the body (right and left orbit). The results obtained were compared to the data for medieval populations from Central Europe.
Cribra orbitalia - Medieval populations - Skeletal stress marker - Ukraine

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