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'Strouhal E, Stloukal M, 2001: Luboš Vyhnánek's Contribution to Czech and Slovak Palaeoanthropology and Anthropology. Anthropologie (Brno) 39, 1: 1-8'.
This volume is dedicated to the memory of Professor MUDr. Luboš Vyhnánek, DrSc., who died tragically in a car accident on 2 February 1999. Vyhnánek's main field of activity was radiodiagnostics, a discipline to which he devoted all his life and in which he became an internationally respected authority. However, he was equally committed to yet another discipline that he regarded largely as his personal hobby: palaeopathology. Luboš Vyhnánek was one of the exceptional people who are able to gain international recognition in yet a second speciality. Vyhnánek's bibliography comprises over 200 scientific articles, of which 103 address palaeopathological topics - a clear proof that this area was not unimportant for him. Yet Vyhnánek not only published in anthropological and archaeological journals; he also participated in a number of seminars and congresses, both in the Czech Republic and abroad; was an active member of the Czechoslovak (later Czech) Anthropological Association as well as of several foreign ones; and was awarded the Hrdli?ka Medal for his achievements in anthropology. For this commemorative volume, contributions have been requested from anthropologists who collaborated with Vyhnánek and knew him personally through discussions on the problems of skeletal palaeopathology. This was not a difficult job since Luboš Vyhnánek had many friends and colleagues who respected and liked him. (Excerpt from the article)

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