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'Soffer O, 1999: Dynamic Landscapes and Late Pleistocene Social Geography: Clovis and Kostenki Compared. Anthropologie (Brno) 37, 2: 155-162'.
During the Late Paleolithic empty continents saw range expansion by anatomically modern humans while occupied ones witnessed human groups undergo range contractions and demographic shifts. To understand what effects these different types of population movements had on the archaeological record, this paper compares the records of two allopatric Late Paleolithic hunter-gatherer groups: those who left behind the Clovis and the Willendorf-Pavlov-Kostenki -Avdeevo inventories. Ecological theory as well as insights from migration theory are used to generate specific archaeological correlates which are then identified in the archaeological records. These records show the existence of very diverse phenomena including colonization, abandonment, refuging, and demographic shifts. The resultant consequences differ depending on both social and environmental realities of the Late Pleistocene landscapes.
Late Paleolithic demographic shifts - Clovis - Willendorf-Pavlov-Kostenski-Avdeevo cultural entities

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