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'Hou Y, Mielke A, Mulcahy-Schröder M, Prinz M, Siváková D, Walter H, 1998: Genetic Variation at the Short Tandem Repeat Loci HUMTH01 and HUMVWA31 Within and Between German and Slovak Populations. Anthropologie (Brno) 36, 3: 255-259'.
The short tandem repeat loci HUMTH01 and HUMVWA31 were typed in several population samples from Germany (Bremen, n = 100; Hannover, n = 100; Köln, n = 122) and Slovakia (Bratislava, n = 107). Within the three German population samples some variation is seen concerning the allele distribution patterns which, however are within the range of other German population samples so far tested. It is worth mentioning, however, that according to the genetic distance analysis the two samples from Northern Germany (Bremen and Hannover) are more similar as compared with that from Western Germany (Köln). The Slovak sample differs clearly from the three German samples, which is true for the allele distribution pattern of the HUMTH01 locus as well as for that ofthe HUMVWA31 locus. This suggests different allele distributions of STR loci in Central European populations, which is in accordance with the genetic differences observed concerning the conventional genetic markers of the blood.
Short tandem polymorphisms - Germans and Slovaks - Genetic variability

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