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'Prüss M, Walter H, Siváková D, 1998: Haptoglobin Subtypes in Ten Slovakian Population Samples. Anthropologie (Brno) 36, 3: 251-254'.
Haptoglobin subtypes have been determined in 1167 individuals from ten different regions of Slovakia. In contrast to the distribution of other serum protein markers in Slovakia, the HP subtype allele frequencies do not show any significant distribution heterogeneity. The allele frequencies in the total population sample come to: HP*1F = 0.121, HP*1S = 0.245, HP*2FF = 0.001, HP*2FS = 0.619, HP*2SS = 0.014. The results have been compared with those of various European population samples. The Slovakian allele frequencies lie within the range of variability of other European populations, and correspond in particular to those of East European populations. Within Europe two clear distribution gradients could be observed, as the HP*1F allele frequencies are obviously higher in North and West European populations as compared with South and East European populations, whereas the HP*2FS allele frequencies show an opposite distribution pattern. These gradients correspond to those observed when considering other genetic markers of the blood, and they are presumably connected with the population history of Europe.
Haptoglobin subtypes - Slovakian population samples - Comparison with other European populations

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