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'Dočkalová M, 1998: Accumulation of Human and Animal Bones in an Archaeological Site of the Middle Bronze Age. Anthropologie (Brno) 36, 3: 281-291'.
In 1986, site No. 23, a shallow pit with an accumulation of human and animal bones, ceramic sherds, stones, and some bronze objects was excavated during archaeological research at the Skalka site at Velim (Czech Republic). Through osteological analysis it was determined that incomplete skeletal remains of at least 30 people (men, women and children) and 12 kinds of animals (domestic animals predominated : cows, dogs and pigs) had piled up in the pit. Various kinds of fractures (transversal, spiral, etc.) and traces of other manipulation (cutting, breaking, drilling, etc. ) were found on both human and animal bones. On the edge of the pit the skeleton of an adult male laid in a crouched position. The find disposition at the archaeological site No. 23 are a vivid example of the contrasting burial methods of the Middle Bronze Age.
Middle Bronze Age - Tumulus Culture - Velim - Czech Republic - Accumulation of bones - Manipulation of bones - Male burial

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