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'Smrčka V, Bůzek F, Erban V, Berkovec T, Dočkalová M, Neumanová K, Nývltová Fišáková M, 2005: Carbon, Nitrogen and Strontium Isotopes in the Set of Skeletons from the Neolithic Settlement at Vedrovice (Czech Republic). Anthropologie (Brno) 43, 2-3: 315-323'.
Isotopes C, N, Sr were employed in the study of eleven skeletons from the Neolithic settlements of the Linear Pottery Culture at Vedrovice. Samples of ribs were used for the analysis of 13C, 12C and 15N, 14N from organic part of the bone collagen. The scope of stable isotopes in the bone collagen is + 8.8 to 12‰ for ä15N and between -20.5 and -21.9 ‰ for ä13C in the skeletons. This indicates a population dependent on the inland plants of the type C3 of the photosynthetic cycle (wheat). The ratio of the isotopes of strontium 87Sr and 86Sr from the tooth tissue M1 and from compact bone of the middle part of the femur was used for distinction of the migrants. In the settlement at Vedrovice children in the grave 3/1966 (6-7 years) and in grave 4/1969 (child 7-8 years) most probably were from non-local population. Individuals from grave 5/1971 (child 5-6 years) and male in grave 10/1974 (40-50 years) may have moved more than once.
Diet - Migration - Bone - Teeth - Geochemistry - Neolithic

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