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'Mallegni F, Severini F, 1997: Dental and Skeletal Pathologies of Two Human Samples Buried in the Necropolis of Cantone (Collelongo-AQ) and Arciprete (Ortucchio-AQ), 1st Century BC - 1st Century AD. Anthropologie (Brno) 35, 3: 251-261'.
The skeletal pathologies of human remains (45 adults and 2 children) buried in 30 tombs in the necropolis of Cantone-Collelongo (AQ) and dated to the 1st century BC - 1st century AD, have been analysed and described in this article. The skeletons show some stress indicators useful to understand the health status of an ancient human sample. They are markers of nutritional or disease-induced stresses (such as enamel hypoplasia and cribra orbitalia), mechanical and functional stress (degenerative joint disease and trauma) and others (dental pathologies). The sample has been compared to another human group of the same age and inhabiting the same area, represented by the individuals of Arciprete-Ortucchio (AQ) and to other human groups of Late Roman age living on the Thyrrenian coast: S. Vincenzino-Cecina (LI) and Vada-Rosignano Solvay (LI).
Human skeletal materials - Paleopathology - Roman Age

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