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'Favier Dubois CM, Borrero LA, 1997: Geoarchaeological Perspectives on Late Pleistocene Faunas from Ultima Esperanza Sound. Magallanes, Chile. Anthropologie (Brno) 35, 2: 207-213'.
A discussion of the formation processes associated with the extraordinary preservation of hide, hair and dung of extinct ground sloth (Mylodon darwini), at Cueva del Mylodon is presented. Information derived mainly from the study of the stratigraphy of that cave helps to explain this case of preservation. The discussion also makes use of data obtained at other archaeological and paleontological sites. These include Cueva del Medio, Cueva Lago Sofia 1, Cueva Lago Sofia 4 and Aleros Dos Herraduras. All these sites are dated between 13,500 and 10,000 BP by radiocarbon, and differ in the degree of preservation of the faunal remains and in the intensity of associated human occupation.
Geoarchaeology - Patagonia - Megafauna - Preservation

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