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'Villa G, Giacobini G, 1996: Neandertal Teeth from Alpine Caves of Monte Fenera (Piedmont, Northern Italy): Description of the Remains and Microwear Analysis. Anthropologie (Brno) 34, 1-2: 55-67'.
Three isolated permanent teeth from the Pleistocene deposits of two alpine caves (Ciota Ciara and Ciutarun) located on Monte Fenera (Borgosesia, Piedmont, NW Italy) are described. These caves, together with the Belvedere rock-shelter located on the same mountain, represent the most significant Palaeolithic sites of Piedmont. Both caves were essentially used by cave bears as hibernation lairs, but occasionally frequented by Neandertals. Evidence of Neandertal presence was based on recovery of Mousterian implements and confirmed by identification of a Neandertal temporal fragment (Fenera 1 ). The new hominid fossils are represented by a right lower second molar (Fenera 2), a right upper first premolar (Fenera 3)from Ciota Ciara, and a right lower canine (Fenera 4) from Ciutarun. Morphological and morphometric observations and analysis of microwear of these teeth are consistent with attribution to Neandertals.
Neanderthals - Teeth - Microwear - Monte Fenera, Italy

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