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'Strouhal E, 1996: Traces of a Smallpox Epidemic in the Family of Ramesses V of the Egyptian 20th Dynasty. Anthropologie (Brno) 34, 3: 315-319'.
The evidence for smallpox in the mummy of Ramesses V proved by electron microscopy and immunology together with the quick, careless and poor mummification have been correlated to the historical testimony of Turin Papyrus No. 1923. This reveals the delay of the king's burial caused by cutting a new tomb for him and others for members of his family who also died unexpectedly proving an epidemic which spread to the palace from the commoners. These and several other precautions used suggest the beginning of quarantine as the result of anticipation of the infectious character of the epidemic.
Smallpox - Mummy of Ramesses V - Embalming methods - Anthropology - Palaeopathology - Electron microscopy - Immunology - Turin Papyrus No. 1923 - Epidemic - Quarantine

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