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'Novotný V, Delfino VP, Potente F, Vacca E, Vančata V, 1996: Symmetry Analysis of Incisura ischiadica major in Sexing the Human Pelvis. Anthropologie (Brno) 34, 3: 253-263'.
The shape analysis of incisura ischiadica major (greater sciatic notch) on 97 male os coxae and 98 female os coxae was performed in order to assess their sexual shape differences. The material, from 19th and 20th centuries, came from Czech and German collections of the Institutes of Anatomy in Prague and Brno. The outline of each incisura between the spina ischiadica and the spina iliaca posterior-inferior up until the extremity of the facies auricularis was described in terms of asymmetry confronting the inferior and the superior ramus. The outlines were standardized for position and normalized at the same dimensions to eliminate size differences. The analysis was carried out by means of the S.A.M. (Shape Analytical Morphometry) software-system (developed by Research Consortium DIGAMMA, Bari - Italy). The used analytic procedure involves the construction ofa complex in which two profiles (in our case the superior and the inferior ramus of the sciatic notch) are facing each other as in a mirror image separated by a straight segment. This bifrontal figure explains the name of the procedure: "Janus". On the complex, a parabolic interpolation giving a vectorial description of the symmetries in term of allometric and isometric differences between the two rami of the incisura was performed. In addition, the comparison of each profile with a straight line in order to obtain internal allometry and isometry evaluation was also performed. Both metric and analytic data were used in multivariate discriminant analysis; after using a combination of analytic variables obtained from double and single comparisons, 92% of all cases proved to be correctly classified.
Sex determination - Pelvic bone - Shape analysis - Incisura ischiadica major

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