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'Dočkalová M, 1996: A Unique Accumulation of Human Skulls in an Archaeological Pit of the Middle Bronze Age. Anthropologie (Brno) 34, 3: 343-350'.
During archaeological excavations the most varied types of archaeological features are usually discovered, with various types of pottery or human and animal remains. Quite unique is the find of a pit at Velim in Bohemia, made in 1992, during the systematic excavation of this important Bronze Age site. The oval pit of rather small dimensions, yielded skulls of children, juvenile and adult individuals together with some animal bones. There were three complete skulls without mandibles (Nos. I, II, III), frontal bones and some fragments of facial skeleton of other (child and juvenile) individuals (Nos. IV,V). During laboratory treatment other fragments were reconstructed into a braincase (No. VI). Traces of violence were found on the remains of the child (No. V) and on the tibia of an adult individual. As to the animal bones found in the pit, there was a broken skull and a few other bones (iliac bone, sacrum) of a cow.
Middle Bronze Age (Tumulus Culture) - Bohemia - Velim site - Accumulation of human skulls - Traces of violence

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