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'Bräuer G, Mabulla AZP, 1996: New Hominid Fossil from Lake Eyasi, Tanzania. Anthropologie (Brno) 34, 1-2: 47-53'.
This paper presents a first description and analysis of a recently discovered fossil hominid from Lake Eyasi. The new specimen designated Eyasi IV consists of an occipital fragment and was found at the same site where Kohl-Larsen discovered the famous Eyasi hominids in the 1930s. Recent field work showed that the lithic assemblages from the Eyasi Beds are similar to the early MSA from the Upper Ndutu Beds at Olduvai Gorge, which points to an age of 0.3-0.2 my BP. The new occipital fragment is thick-walled and exhibits close similarities in shape to the occipital plane of Eyasi I. Eyasi IV can most likely be assigned to archaic Homo sapiens.
Eyasi IV - Archaic Homo sapiens - Occipital - Tanzania

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