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'Kirchengast S, Hartman B, 1994: The Impact of the Age at Menarche on Body Build and Sex Hormone Levels in Healthy Adult Women from Vienna, Austria. Anthropologie (Brno) 32, 3: 205-214'.
The present study focused on the impact of the age at menarche on adult type of body build as well as adult sex hormone levels in 124 healthy adult women agingfrom 20 to 37years, originatingfrom Eastem Austria. The investigation yielded significant correlations between the menarcheal age and several metric traits and the estradiol and testosterone levels. Above all the amount of subcutaneousf at tissue and a type of onoid fat distribution correlated negatively with the age at menarche, while positive correlations between age at menarche and height- and length- dimensions and a more masculine type of body build occurred. Women with an early menarche were smaller in stature but more corpulent and their body types were more feminine than women with a late menarche who were taller, slenderer and more masculine. Beyond that negative correlations between the age at menarche and the sex hormone levels could be observed. A late menarche was associated with lower levels of the steroid hormones, especially estradiol. The results of the present study indicate a strong assotiation between of the hormonal situation in puberty, adult body shape and adult sex honnone levels.
Age at menarche - Body build - Sex hormone levels - Adult females

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