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'Bláha P, Lhotská L, Vignerová J, Vančata V, 1994: 5th National Anthropological Survey of Children and Adolescents of the Czech Republic, 1991. Anthropologie (Brno) 32, 2: 185-188'.
The fifth nation-wide survey of children and adolescents (Czech Republic) was conducted in the fall of 1991 and comprised, similarly to thefourpreceding studies in 1951, 1961, 1971, 1981, a representative sample of childrqn and adolescents obtained by the method of random selection. Cross-sectional studies have proved their extreme importance because the child organism reflects very sensitively environmental influences. The values of growth parameters and their changes also provide information about the nutritional status of children. Altogether seven anthropometric parameters were studied and a questionnaire included information on the family background of the child, dietary habits, and basic data from the family history. The positive impact of the secular trend on the increase of stature was confirmed by analysis of anthropometric data from more than 90 000 probands aged O to 18 years. The impact of this trend shifts to the lower age categories when compared with preceding surveys. This study also confirmed the trend towards a more slender stature in both sexes, more pronounce/ in girls, as well as a gradual shift of this trend to lower age categories
Nation-wide anthropological survey - Body mass - Body height - Children - Adolescents - Secular trends

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